Are Rodents Running Wild?

Our rodent control services in Palm Harbor, FL will stop them in their tracks

They sneak into your building at a strange hour through an entrance you never would have thought of. They rifle through your things, eat your food and leave a mess.

These intruders aren't robbers. They're mice and rats, and they invade many properties throughout Palm Harbor, FL. If you're among their victims, contact the rodent control experts of Sun Parrot Pest Services for assistance right away.

Ask about our mice and rat removal services

We'll trap these tiny intruders and block their entrances to your property, using poison only if it is necessary to get rid of all rats and mice. Removal with humane techniques is our goal.

During our four to six weeks of rodent control work, you can trust us to work:

  • Quickly
  • Innovatively
  • Effectively

We'll remove the urine, feces and pheromones of rats and mice. Removal will allow you to enjoy clean, rodent-free property once again with a one-year warranty.